List here any page that can be made on customizing things, in order to get the wiki started. If you can write this page yourself, you can still put it here in the list to do it later. Provide extra information if just "customize X" doesn't suffice.

Also, this is not a page for requests to tell you how to customize X or Y on your wiki. This is just a list with things that may/will still be added on this wiki. Do not complain if the thing you put in the list is still not done after a while!

Being worked onEdit

  • background
  • wordmark (wiki name in the top left)
  • favicon (wiki icon above the url bar)
  • customize badges pictures
  • custom cursor

Ideas & pages to createEdit

  • link colors
  • colors (also add how to find matching colors?)
  • welcome message (for user profiles)
  • time counter
  • page view counter
  • themes changing every month, ...
  • top navigation
  • images enlarging/changing color when hovered over
  • install own fonts
  • new namespaces
  • add Wikia chat
  • add a different chat (f.i. Chatango[1])
  • customizing your messages to an unofficial language (→ translating AllMessages)
  • "back to top" message in bottom navigation bar (as seen on MaiOtome and KuroBas wiki): w:c:dev:BackToTopButton
  • chat emoticons
  • standard edit summaries (as seen on Candy Box wiki): w:c:dev:Standard Edit Summary
  • interlanguage linking to a non-existing or non-official language (Conlang, ...)
  • personalizing Wiki Activity's Community Messages (MediaWiki:Community-corner)
  • background image on TOC (like Sims wiki has)
  • upvotable lists that sort ideas (like one this to do list) from more wanted to less wanted
  • banner at the top - image as background behind the top navigation & wordmark
  • colors for the hot spots in Special:WikiActivity
  • w:c:terraria:User_blog:Dzylon/How_to_Hide_the_Sidebar

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