A standard character infobox as it appears on Wikia.

An infobox is a type of template that is usually at the top right of an article, and that contains the principal information of the page's subject. In the case of a character, this may be their name, age, relatives, and so on. Infoboxes of events, episodes or locations will have different fields. This template is not the same as a nav box, a navigation box at the bottom of an article, that links to several grouped articles of a related topic.

Types of infoboxesEdit

Person infoboxEdit

A person infobox may be an actor infobox, (game or book) writer infobox, or other similar infoboxes about real world people. They often shortly sum up the biography and achievements of this person.

Character infoboxEdit

A character infobox is an infobox used to quickly sum up the information of a character in media (books, series, games) or role-play.

Episode or chapter infoboxEdit

Character infobox

A chapter infobox from Historie Wiki.

An episode infobox is an infobox used to quickly sum up the information of an episode in a series or anime. Often, these infoboxes will link to the previous or next episode in line.

A chapter infobox is similarly an infobox, to sum up the information of a manga or comic chapter. Book chapters usually do not get separate pages on a wiki.


An infobox is in essence of a table, created in wikitext or sometimes in HTML, that floats on the right side of the article. To hide the unused rows, it uses #if.

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