Monobook is one of the two available skins on Wikia. You can check out what it looks like by attaching ?useskin=monobook to the end of your URL or changing to Monobook as standard skin in Special:Preferences. The latter method is only available for registered users, so most visitors – who do not have an account or did not change their settings – only view your wiki in Wikia/Oasis skin.


Monobook has a roughly 150px wide sidebar on the left. It has several sections with helpful links similar to the ones you find in Oasis' wiki-navigation: the wordmark links by default to the main page, there is a "Random page" link and a link to the forum, but for activity it opts for Special:RecentChanges rather than Special:WikiActivity. The search bar is also embedded in the sidebar.

Aside from the left sidebar, article space on Monobook stretches out over all of the remaining space horizontally, resulting in a very wide content area. The overall font size is also smaller than that of Oasis.

Why (not) choose MonobookEdit


  • With its wider content space, you will have to scroll a lot less.
  • You get to learn code directly from the edit mode: no accidentally copied <span> tags, etc.


  • Monobook does not have a visual editor, which may be a bad thing if you are not good with coding or if you are not fond of using preview mode all the time.
  • A lot of wikis are not adapted for Monobook users and might not look very fancy.


The Monobook sidebar can be custoized by editing MediaWiki:Sidebar, though note that the "Toolbox" and "wikia" sections can not be modified here. The logo can be changed by uploading an image to File:Wiki.png. The skin can be further customized by using MediaWiki:Monobook.css and MediaWiki:Monobook.js, though it will also load styles and Javascript from MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Common.js.

Monobook WikiEdit

Have you ever heard of Monobook Wiki? It is not necessarily a wiki for Monobook users, but rather a wiki where you can request a monobook theme to be created for your wiki if you do not have the coding skills for it. If you're still hesitating whether or not you can do it better, you can look a their testimonials section or at other wikis that had their monobook skin done by their team.

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