Penn Jillette yells Sheriff Woody - A Toy Story Adventures of Sheriff Woody and Olie Polie is a 1999 American comedy-drama film from United States on September 5, 1999.


Sheriff Woody takes away for the slept night around on Bob the Builder.


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You've Got a Friend In Me

Rolie Polie Olie Theme

Take Me There

The Mine Song

We Got the Bee


  • This is Toy Story on November 22, 1995.
  • This is Rolie Polie Olie on 1998 TV show.
  • The Randy Newman musical arrangements from "Toy Story".
  • The Rolie Polie Olie musical arrangements from "The Great Defender of Fun".
  • The Rugrats musical arrangements from "Angelica's Twin".
  • Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil DeVille, Lil DeVille, and Angelica Pickles screaming out of the roller coaster.
  • Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear is panic button.


Christopher Robin: It sure is?

Olie Polie: Let's together now, Zowie?

Sheriff Woody: Hey, Angelica Pickles.
Angelica Pickles: Huh?
Sheriff Woody: Howdy partner, it is Angelica Pickles.
Angelica Pickles: Maybe for the worst chasing me!
Sheriff Woody: Can I have you've got this 1998 of A Bug's Life VHS!
Angelica Pickles: Yep, sure this for VHS.
Sheriff Woody: I'll had sure has time with Layton T. Montgomery's courtroom.
Angelica Pickles: Nope, Sheriff Woody. Mess for the clean of sheriff.
Sheriff Woody: Here it come.
Sportacus: (jumps his appear) Sheriff Woody, what is it? Little rip of little girl! A EVIL GIRL! Oh, shit! (shouts) A cowboy!
Sheriff Woody: Sportacus, let's try it!
Sportacus: Friendly like me, Sheriff Woody!